What to Ask During a Hearing Consultation

What to Ask During a Hearing Consultation

If you have made an appointment for a hearing test, congratulations! This first step in the direction of treatment is a crucial aspect of diagnosis and our informed recommendation of the right hearing aids for your needs. We will engage you in the test and interpret the results for you. When you take your hearing test, your results produce an audiogram. This graph depicts how loud a specific sound needs to be for you to be able to hear it. We use this information to determine what hearing aids will be able to amplify the sounds you need to hear. Although the audiogram is a great technical depiction of your hearing needs, there are more dimension of hearing ability to consider. We accompany your hearing test with a consultation to get more information about your hearing needs. This conversation is also an opportunity for you to ask your own questions about the treatment process. Although we will guide you through the process, there are a few questions you should make sure you have answered during your consultation. Don’t hesitate to ask us to repeat the answers if you need confirmation. Your appointment can present a lot of information, and we understand if you forget something in the process. You can always contact us again for more information. You might want to bring along a notebook to write down important details. Bringing along a trusted loved one is also a helpful strategy. Two brains are better than one when it comes to recalling the details of your visit. 

What kind of hearing loss do I have?

We will use your audiogram to explain what sounds are most difficult for you to hear and how severe your hearing loss is. We will also let you know if your hearing loss is the same in both ears or if one ear is better than the other. Though we can’t necessarily pinpoint the cause of your hearing loss, be sure to let us know if you have pain or other symptoms associated with your hearing or ears. Those details will help us make a better diagnosis and to refer you for more help if needed. 

What features are available in hearing aids?

When we complete your hearing test, we will present you with some options for hearing aids. These options have some differences, but we focus on the type of aids that are suited to your hearing needs, are affordable, and offer the best assistance. In addition, we can let you know about special features that might be of interest. Many hearing aids now come with Bluetooth connectivity, so be sure to ask about those features if they interest you. If you take part in outdoor activities, water sports, or demanding fitness programs, we can describe the features of hearing aids that can integrate with your individual active lifestyle. 

How should I care for my hearing aids?

Most of the latest models of hearing aids require remarkably little care and maintenance to remain in top working order. If your new aids have rechargeable batteries, you will need to maintain your battery life with a nightly charge, and travel battery packs are available for your next journey. Cleaning simply involves wiping down your aids with a clean, dry cloth, and you can use a wire loop or tiny brush to get the earwax or other substances out of the smaller components of your aids. Beyond these simple measures, you should contact our offices for help with any malfunctions or needed repairs. 

Personal Questions

If you know that certain contexts are difficult for you to hear, such as parties, children’s voices, or echoing restaurants, be sure to ask our experts about these contexts. It is possible that we will need to adjust our diagnosis to this information, and hearing aids are available that are especially good at dealing with these communication-related issues. For instance, if you have trouble hearing in the context of background noise, some of the latest hearing aids use Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) to transform that audio into something easier to understand. Don’t hesitate to ask any question that comes to mind, and we’ll do our best to answer you!