Musicians & Hearing Loss

If you’re a musician, you have some unique hearing needs. At Professional Hearing Associates, we have the best solutions to help you hear and keep your hearing healthy, both on and off the stage.

Why Musicians Don’t Wear Hearing Protection Often Enough

Musicians face unique listening challenges, and if you’re a musician, a commitment to using hearing protection is a crucial part of maintaining your optimal hearing health for years to come. Musicians are often exposed to extremely loud noises when performing, but traditional hearing protection, like earplugs or earmuffs, aren’t usually a good solution for loud noise.

Along with exposure to very loud sounds during an evening on stage, musicians also need to hear very soft sounds, and sound quality and clarity are of utmost importance. Their livelihood depends on their ability to hear subtle sounds, and balance their sound correctly with all the other performers on stage. Musicians don’t often wear traditional hearing protection since it muffles all the sounds, dampens the soft sounds, and interferes with their ability to put on a good show and enjoy the performance. However, when musicians don’t protect their hearing, they risk permanent hearing loss and tinnitus.

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Musician’s Earplugs

Musician’s earplugs attenuate sounds differently than regular hearing protection. Unlike regular earplugs that dampen high pitched sounds more than low sounds, musician’s earplugs keep the balance of sounds more consistent to provide better sound quality to the musician. They reduce the sound evenly without distorting the balance. They’re made from either foam or soft plastic, and provide better sound quality than regular foam earplugs.

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In-Ear Musician Monitors

One of the most common tools for musicians are in-ear musician monitors. These devices are great for performing musicians, and if they have a good seal, they will protect the musician’s ears from dangerously loud noise. In-ear monitors direct all the sounds from the stage right to the musician’s ears, but provide protection from dangerously loud levels of amplification from speakers or screaming fans.

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Digital Hearing Protection for Musicians

The best hearing protection for musicians are custom made digital devices. Since they’re custom made, they fit the ear perfectly and provide a great seal. This will keep the natural quality of sound, including the sound of the musician’s own voice.

Not only do these digital devices provide hearing protection, their smart technology doesn’t filter or dampen soft sounds, and musicians are able to hear all the soft sounds such as other musicians and voices with the utmost clarity. They can be set to adjust different pitches in different ways, allowing musicians full control over what they’re hearing, while providing protection against loud sounds and filtering out dangerous noise.

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Who Could Benefit From Musician’s Earplugs?

Musician’s earplugs, and the extra clarity they provide, aren’t just for musicians! Music teachers, sound crews, tech crews, DJ’s, and recording engineers could all benefit from musician’s earplugs. Are you an avid concert goer? Musician’s earplugs are also great for anyone attending concerts, since you’ll protect your hearing while still enjoying balanced sound, and hearing the music as the musicians intended.

Digital earplugs or musician’s earplugs are also a favorite among sports coaches, sports fans, construction workers, manufacturers, and even truck drivers, who all appreciate protecting their hearing without muffling all the sounds around them, or feeling like their ears are plugged.

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Custom Fit Hearing Protection

Whether you want an in-ear monitor, or would rather explore digital hearing protection, getting the fit right is a critical step. At Professional Hearing Associates, we make sure each step is performed perfectly, so you’ll enjoy the comfort of a well-crafted, perfectly sealed earpiece with the best in sound quality. When taking the ear impression, both the material and the technique will have a big impact on the final product, so trust the experts when it comes to creating custom fit hearing protection.

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Finding the Best Ear Protection

Whether you’re a musician, a student, or a music lover, protecting your hearing whenever you’re exposed to loud noise is the key to maintaining great hearing health. Taking the time to find the best ear protection and using comfortable, well-fit devices will ensure you’re always protecting your hearing. At Professional Hearing Associates, we’ll help you find the perfect ear protection that matches your lifestyle and listening needs to keep your hearing safe.

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