Hearing Aid Manufacturers

At Professional Hearing Associates, our Doctors of Audiology work with the world’s best hearing aid manufacturers to bring you a wide selection of the top hearing devices to match your hearing needs and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

phonak logo

Phonak makes smart hearing aids that can scan your environment and automatically adjust programs and settings to match your unique hearing needs. The AutoSense OS technology will revolutionize the way you think about hearing, and you’ll have the best in effortless hearing.

The latest technology from Phonak is the Marvel family, including the Audeo Marvel and the Bolero Marvel. These devices provide a rich, full sound, with amazing speech understanding and seamless connectivity. They’re multifunctional, and will help you hear in every listening environment. Sky Marvel is designed specifically for children, with programs to help them hear in school, and a wide range of bright colors to suit every style.

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resound logo

Since 1943, ReSound has been producing innovative hearing solutions. They were one of the first manufacturers to use Made for iPhone technology, allowing your hearing device to stream audio directly from your smartphone. With wireless connectivity between your hearing aids and your smartphone, you’ll enjoy a whole new level of listening comfort and convenience, with discreet program control from the palm of your hand.

New from ReSound is the LiNX Quattro, a hearing aid that automatically adjusts to your listening environment. With Bluetooth technology, you can connect your hearing aids to the devices you use the most, meaning you’ll hear music, phone calls, TV programming, or even driving directions right in your ears.

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starkey logo

When it comes to hearing technology, Starkey Hearing Technologies is unbeatable. Founded in the 1960s, they’ve been delivering quality hearing products to millions of people around the world. In fact, Starkey has a strong mission to give back, and they’ve donated hearing aids to over 1 million children and adults all around the world.

The Livio AI, Starkey’s latest device, is an industry first. The Livio AI incorporates artificial intelligence with hearing technology to provide smart hearing devices that learn your hearing preferences and help you hear better.

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oticon logo

Oticon is a Danish company that has been making hearing aids for over 100 years! It was founded when one man wanted to develop a device that could help his wife hear again and find new joy in life. Oticon creates elegant, sophisticated hearing aids, and they are a leader in natural hearing and comfort.

Oticon just released the Xceed hearing aid, perfect for those with severe to profound hearing loss. They’re focused on giving you the best in speech understanding, so you won’t have to miss another word, or strain to hear in conversations. You’ll have better speech clarity along with reduced listening effort, even in noisy environments. Oticon has also developed BrainHearing technology, based on the principle that hearing isn’t just in your ears, but in your brain as well.

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signia logo

Signia, a newer brand from Sivantos (known for their brand Siemens), is changing the landscape of hearing aid technology. Signia provides the best in reduced listening effort, making it easier than ever to hear. Their devices are built on the Primax Platform, and with noise reduction, advanced directionality, and speech enhancement, you’ll enjoy the best in sound quality.

SLIM-RIC is one of Signia’s most popular devices, offering the best in binaural hearing. This technology focuses on natural sound, and ensuring that your own voice sounds natural as well. A portable charging case is perfect for a weekend away, and whether you’re heading to a business trip or going camping, you can enjoy up to three days of charge without having to plug in!

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Based in Canada’s “Silicon Valley,” Unitron creates reliable and versatile hearing technology. They feature intuitive programming that helps you hear with minimal effort. Their devices will do all the work for you, and you won’t ever strain to hear. In the past few years, they’ve earned six Red Dot Awards for their amazing hearing aid designs.

Unitron’s Moxi line of hearing aids are RIC devices that connect easily to the technology you use every day. The rechargeable battery gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t run out of power in the middle of your day, and their powerful speech recognition features help you stay connected to conversations in many different environments.

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Widex is sold in over 100 countries around the world. Based in Denmark, they’ve been making amazing hearing technology since 1956. In fact, they created the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid with the best in natural hearing, pioneering what hearing technology can become.

The EVOKE from Widex is the world’s first smart hearing aid, and as you wear these devices, they’ll learn your hearing preferences and get better at making automatic adjustments to programs and settings, perfectly matching your hearing needs. You’ll get the best in hearing without having to lift a finger. Using environmental mapping and a fast processing speed, you’ll enjoy clear, full sound day in and day out.

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