Hear Well, Live Well

At Professional Hearing Associates, our board certified Doctors of Audiology believe that hearing well is an important part of living well. Are you ready to hear better? Don’t wait another day! Start your journey to clearer hearing and an improved quality of life for you and your family. If you are afraid to converse with others because your inability to hear, or don’t engage in social dialogue because of your hearing loss, or are lacking the confidence to be around family and friends, we are here to help you get back into life!

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Hear Well, Live Well
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Welcome to Professional Hearing Associates, LLC!

At Professional Hearing Associates, we continually raise the bar when it comes to exceptional hearing health care. To find the perfect hearing devices that will match your lifestyle and hearing needs, look no further than Professional Hearing Associates. We use advanced diagnostic and fitting technology to ensure that you find the perfect devices for your individual hearing needs, and enjoy the best in quality custom hearing solutions.

Dr. Joe Hopper along with Dr. Michelle Cramer run a knowledgeable, personal, and friendly practice, connecting members of our community to professional hearing health care services. Dr. Hopper has served the Riverbend area as an audiologist for more than 23 years, and along with Dr. Cramer have combined serving the Riverbend area for nearly 30 years. Dr. Hopper has also provided services to the Randolph Country area and the Memorial Hospital in Chester, IL for more than 17 years. Our practice has recently expanded to Jersey County with a new location in the Jersey Community Hospital.

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Hearing Services

Our Audiologists offer comprehensive hearing consultations and evaluations, and we work to make sure that you completely understand your hearing needs. When it comes to hearing solutions, the options can seem overwhelming. We are here to help you find the best hearing technology tailored to your specific needs.

Whether in your living room, conference room, or the park with your grandchildren, hearing solutions from Professional Hearing Associates ensure that you’ll hear clearly all day, every day.

We have extensive experience in pairing people just like you with advanced hearing solutions. We fit devices and adjust programs to perfectly match diverse hearing needs, improve quality of life, strengthen relationships, and increase both productivity and happiness. Find your hearing solution today!

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Hearing Technology

Looking for the perfect hearing aid? We have a wide selection of devices from the world’s top manufacturers to provide you with the ultimate fit, performance, and comfort. Whether you need a powerful device to overcome severe hearing loss, want discreet devices no one will ever notice, or are looking for the best in connectivity programs, we’ve got you covered with the best options for each and every hearing need and lifestyle.

We carry a variety of styles and technologies from trusted brands like Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, and Starkey, with advanced programming to suit your unique hearing needs. Our team will help you find the technology that will serve you best and help you lead a fulfilling life with effortless hearing.

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